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Prostate Cancer Awareness

prostate_cancer_awarenessMatters of Health and Wellness

I sit in church Sundays and listen to the prayers for our brothers, sisters, friends and families impacted by serious health issues, some by life-threatening diseases. They may be facing major surgery or a cancer diagnosis, a chronic illness, severe emotional pain, stroke rehab, injuries, social isolation. In my heart I hear the cry of anguish, “Oh, God help me.” And I wonder if we are doing all we can to help those in our church and community who are hurting physically, mentally, spiritually.

Galatians 5:15 tells us to “love our neighbor as ourselves,” and the Cain/Abel story asks if we are our brother’s keeper. Can our church make a significantly greater difference in the health and well being of our congregation? I think it can by starting to build a solid foundation for a future health ministry, if it is God’s will. Coming soon the Jaunt and Journal will begin posting support group names and local contacts in our community that address these needs, including links to online support groups and useful articles written by health professionals and survivors of disease. (Click on the link to read the first story). Our hope is that you will support this initiative by your prayers, comments, time and talent to honor God.

George Mirich

Newsletter: March 15, 2015